How it Works

At Forward, our goal is to make it easier for everyday people to take local action on the causes they care about.

These causes fall into four categories:

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Actions, Campaigns, Groups, and Businesses


Actions are specific things you can do to support local causes and campaigns you care about.

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Campaigns refer to organized efforts to influence policy and public decisions.

Campaigns typically include information related to target audience, scope (municipal, county, school board, etc), and potential impact for the community.

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Groups include informal interest groups and the local chapters of larger organizations that focus on creating local change.

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Businesses & Products

Businesses include companies and products that support Forward's Causes with an emphasis on local, Wisconsin-made products.


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Causes define specific desired outcomes the Forward community is working to achieve, such as "end gerrymandering." Causes are added based on member suggestions.

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What types of things do you enjoy doing? Explore listings by Interest Tags such as “sewing” and “video production.”

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Regions designate specific geographic areas where the Forward community is active. These are further subdivided by county and municipality.

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Finally... Play Nice!

Extreme partisanship is a major problem in America these days, but real change is rarely black and white. Liberals can care about fiscal policy, conservatives can care about climate change, and gray areas exist everywhere.

That’s why our goal is to build an inclusive, nonpartisan community here on Forward. As long as you align with our community principles, you are welcome here.

Forward Community Principles:

We are Forward-Thinking

We believe in a world that is better than the world that exists today. The status quo is unacceptable; we can do better. You’re here to find ways we can create positive change and address global challenges, starting right here in our local community.

We are Kind and Respectful

We lead with kindness and seek to understand each other, not prove each other wrong. Empathy is a critical skill for participating in Forward.

We Value Safety

We follow all laws and take care of each other. Whenever possible, complete Actions with friends. Be smart about where, when, and how you participate in Forward.

We Vet Information

We believe in science. Our goal is to find answers using reliable, vetted information. Whenever possible, examine the funding sources of the information you share and include references. 

We are Creative

We celebrate creativity, unique approaches to problem solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Future Features

Track your Impact & Earn Badges

Track the actions you take to collect impact points, insights and badges related to your activity.

Civic Learning Games

Follow clues that use your city as a gameboard to relearn the basics of local government and community organizing.

iOS and Android apps

Take Forward on the go with native apps for Android and iOS.



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