Group Description

We help communities develop games, apps and experiences that boost civic engagement and promote civic learning. Our mission is to help everyday people build the skills they need to make change happen, starting locally.

Oh yeah, and we made this website! :) The Forward Directory is a Wisconsin-based platform that helps community members search, save, discuss and share local civic information (think of it kind of like Wikipedia for local organizing/gov). I built this because a) too many people are being left out in our democracy, and b) it’s not okay that organizing online forces us to use private tools with extractive business models like Facebook.

We believe we can build a better way for everyday people take local action on the causes they care about, and to do so in a way that is locally-owned and gives people a real voice in the technology they use to engage with democracy every day. The Forward Directory is a first concrete step toward addressing barriers to participation in local democracy and should be considered as nothing more than a starting point. Throughout 2021, we’ll be facilitating the development of this tool in a way that invites community-based organizations and their followers deep into the design process. If you have the capacity, join us in building an ethical civic action platform that serves activists, organizers and everyday citizens alike. Check out our Actions to see how you can take part!

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