From the Water Action Volunteers Website:

Our Mission:
To help preserve and protect Wisconsin's over 15,000 lakes and 84,000 miles of rivers, it is important to first understand how they function and then take note of their status. The Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Program offers citizens multiple opportunities to be part of this learning process to monitor our state's streams.

Citizens’ groups from throughout Wisconsin are using Water Action Volunteers' sampling protocols to monitor the health oftheir hometown streams and rivers. Entry level volunteers monitor dissolved oxygen, temperature, transparency, streamflow, habitat, and macroinvertebrates between May and October. There are several program goals:

  1. that Wisconsin citizens will monitor stream and river health.
  2. to support data sharing for educational purposes.
  3. to provide a network for volunteer groups, individuals, and schools to interact.
  4. to provide support for civic conservation and environmental groups.
  5. to help increase linkages between volunteer monitoring efforts and public resources protection programs.
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