wisconsin earth day
virtual scavenger hunt

How to Play

how to play

april 22-25, 2021

Over four days, you’ll compete with other players around Wisconsin by completing tasks such as “do chalk art on the sidewalk supporting clean energy,” “follow the a local sustainability group on Facebook,” or “refer a friend to the game.” 


This is the part where you agree to play safely, be a decent human, and follow the rules of our game! You must complete this form within 24 hours of starting play or you will be removed from the game.


Our game app allows you to see activity from friends and other players, track your score, view your place on the leaderboard, and get alerts for new Missions and game announcements. Anyone in the state can join by registering online and downloading the Scavify app to their phone.

Not registered yet? Tickets are being sold on a sliding scale, starting at FREE. Register by 11:59pm on Friday, April 23rd.

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Sunday, April 25th


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Register your team of 1-6 people on Eventbrite before midnight on Friday, April 23rd.


  • Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • St Croix Falls Public Library
  • Sunrise Appleton
  • Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin
  • Frederic Public Library
  • Pollenablers-Fox Cities
  • League of Women Voters of Appleton
  • Sunrise Madison
  • Appleton Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Fox Cities Greenways
  • Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action
  • Sierra Club – Wisconsin Chapter
  • ESTHER Environmental Justice Task Force
  • 350 Madison
  • Forward Labs
  • Friends of Butterfly Gardens, Inc.
  • Paper Discovery Center
  • Charter for Compassion-Appleton Chapter
  • Sculpture Valley
  • Arts Wisconsin


Donate $100 to the participating organization of your choice and receive Forward Labs game t-shirts


Donate $50 to the participating organization of your choice


Receive game buttons or stickers

Only one phone can be used per team!

You can play alone or create a team of up to six people.

1 ticket = 1 phone = 1 team = 1-6 players


For example:

Two Families Competing

The Smith Family (Team Smithie) wants to compete against their neighbors The Jones Family (Team JonesFTW). Each family purchases 1 ticket. The Smith Family plays together on dad’s phone. The Jones family plays together on their daughter’s phone.

Kids Vs. Parents

The Lee Family want to play kids vs. parents. They purchase 2 tickets for 2 teams: Team LeeKids and Team LeeRents.


A group of 3 friends wants to play against each other. They purchase 3 tickets and create 3 one-person teams: Team Energy Superstar, Team CarbonCrusher, and Team NoMoreCO2. Each friend plays on their own phone.

To see who’s winning in each of these cases, players can look at the global leaderboard to see which team ranks higher.

Players of all ages are welcome; children under the age of thirteen should play on a team with an adult.


Absolutely! Create a “1-person-team” in order to play directly against your friends, family, and other solo players and teams across the state.

You’ll need a smartphone or computer to play. Choose from the following:


Photo challenges inspire creativity and memorable interactions around your program.


Video challenges direct participants to record videos that capture their experience.


Question and Answer challenges are perfect for quizzes, trivia, and open ended survey questions.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions make your quizzes, trivia, and learning options more robust.


Encourage participants to explore and find specific locations then “check-in” to verify their visit.

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