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Wisconsin’s 175th Birthday Game

MAY 1-31ST | This month marks Wisconsin’s 175th birthday! Celebrate by showing what you know about the great cheese state. We’ll be releasing 175 trivia and actions throughout the month of May… how many can you complete?


The Scavenge-Junk Hunt

AUGUST 2023 | Your team will have up to 8 hours to remove as much river garbage as you can – bonus points for rare and strange river treasures!


4th of July Game

JUNE 30 – JULY 4, 2023 | Reconnect with the history of American independence.


New Challenges

5 Actions

MAY 2023

This month’s roundup of actions and trivia from across the state of Wisconsin.

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New Badges

a block of cheese with birthday candles on it above the text "Wisconsin's 175th Birthday Game - May 2023"

Wisconsin’s 175th Birthday Game

50 XP

Earn a minimum of 100 game XP playing Wisconsin’s 175th Birthday Game.

forest outline on a green badge that says "Wisconsin Earth Day Game - APRIL 2023"

2023 Earth Day Game

50 XP

Earn at least 50 XP completing actions and trivia in the Earth Day Game.

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