Wisconsin's directory for local civic information.

Wisconsin's directory for local civic information.

The Forward App
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Wisconsin's directory for local civic information.

The Forward App
By and for Wisconsinites

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Actions are specific things you can do to support local causes and campaigns you care about.

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Groups include informal interest groups and the local chapters of larger organizations that focus on creating local change.

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Campaigns advocate for the implementation of a specific policy, model, or program in a community.

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Candidates include people running for state and local office in Wisconsin.

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Narrow your search by a specific cause, such as "climate action" or "criminal justice reform." Causes are added based on member suggestions.

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Make a difference by doing what you love! Explore Action listings using interest tags such as “sewing” and “video production.”

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Regions designate the geographic areas in Wisconsin where Forward is currently active.

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Forward is a community-crowdsourced directory of local civic information.

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Future Features

Customized Action Feed

Get an up-to-date feed on the latest actions you can take that align with your interests and top causes.

Civic Learning Modules & Trivia

Follow clues hidden around your community and answer trivia question to relearn the basics of local government and community organizing.

Q&A Listings

Post questions and have conversations with other members with Q&A listings.

Perks & Sponsorships

Win prizes and raise money for local organizations when you complete actions.

Forward Futures

Share your dreams for the future by tagging ideas in locations around your community.

Advanced activity tracking and more badges

Track the actions you take to collect impact points, insights and badges related to your activity.

iOS and Android apps

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Finally... Play Nice!

Our goal is to build an inclusive, nonpartisan community here on Forward. As long as you align with our community principles, you are welcome here.

Forward Community Principles:

We are Forward-Thinking

We believe in a world that is better than the world that exists today. The status quo is unacceptable; we can do better. You’re here to find ways we can create positive change and address global challenges, starting right here in our local community.

We are Kind and Respectful

We lead with kindness and seek to understand each other, not prove each other wrong. Empathy is a critical skill for participating in Forward.

We Value Safety

We follow all laws and take care of each other. Whenever possible, complete Actions with friends. Be smart about where, when, and how you participate. Under the umbrella of safety, we include not only the physical but also the emotional safety of all members, particularly people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA individuals and others from marginalized communities.

We Vet Information

We believe in science. Our goal is to find answers using reliable, vetted information. Whenever possible, examine the funding sources of the information you share and include references. 

We are Creative

We celebrate creativity, unique approaches to problem solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Forward Directory is run by Forward Labs. We work with community-based organizations and cities to design, tools, games, and experiences that bolster participation in local democracy.