Who can post to Forward?

Community Members

Our goal is to build an inclusive, nonpartisan community focused on creating local change. As long as you align with our community guidelines, you are welcome to post to Forward.


Like Wikipedia, anyone on Forward can post about any topic - this is a website based on publicly-available information. Formal representatives of organizations can be verified and take ownership of their pages by claiming them. Don't share private information or plans that have not been announced publicly on Forward.

Not sure? Here's a description of each:


Actions are specific things you can do to support local causes and campaigns you care about.

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Campaigns refer to organized efforts to influence policy and public decisions.

Campaigns typically include information related to target audience, scope (municipal, county, school board, etc), and potential impact for the community.

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Groups include informal interest groups and the local chapters of larger organizations that focus on a subset of Goals and Campaigns in a specific Region.

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Businesses & Products

Businesses include companies and products that support Forward's Causes with an emphasis on local, Wisconsin-made products.

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