2023 Earth Day Game

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ARCHIVE: Earth Day Game

APRIL 20-23, 2023

It ain’t easy being green… but we’ve got some tips to make sustainability a cinch! In this four-day game, you’ll complete fun tasks like “find a butterfly garden” or “take a selfie with a solar panel” and answer trivia about Wisconsin’s environment and natural resources.

The goal: highlight the amazing work of Wisconsin-based conservation, climate and environmental justice organizations. These issues can feel overwhelming, but the best way to make an impact is to get involved locally. We hope you’ll learn something, discover a new way to get involved, and (of course) have a ton of fun outside in the spring weather!

You’ll use our game app to see how friends are doing, track your score, view your place on the leaderboard, and get alerts when new actions and trivia are released in the game.


  • 1ST PLACE: Forward Games t-shirt and stickers. We’ll also donate $50 to the partner organization of your choice!
  • 2ND PLACE: Forward Games bumper sticker
  • TOP 3 receive WINNER BADGE on Forward
  • ALL TOP 10 will receive limited-edition game stickers



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2023 Earth Day Game

Earn at least 50 XP completing actions and trivia in the Earth Day Game.

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Game FAQ

How do I play?

Our (free) app allows you to complete actions, answer trivia, earn points and badges, and follow the activity of friends and other players. You can track your score, view your place on the leaderboard, and get alerts for new Actions and game announcements. You can play on our website or download the game app to your phone (iOS and Android).

All Wisconsinites over the age of 13 are welcome to join! Younger players can team up with adults.

How old do I have to be to play?

Players of all ages are welcome but you must be at least thirteen to create an account; children twelve and under should team up with an adult.

Can I play on a team?

You can play forward individually or on a team. Currently, only one device/account can be used per team.

1 account = 1 device = 1-6 players

For example:

Two Families Competing | The Smith Family wants to compete against their neighbors The Jones Family. Each family should register an account on Forward and join the game. The Smith Family (Team Smithie) plays together on dad’s phone. The Jones family (Team JonesFTW) plays together on their daughter’s phone.

Kids Vs. Parents | The Lee Family want to play kids vs. parents. They create two accounts: Team LeeKids and Team LeeRents.

Friends | A group of 3 friends wants to play against each other. They each register their own account and play on their own devices.

To see who’s winning in each of these cases, players can look at the game leaderboard to see which user ranks higher.